Podiatric Residency Program

  The Podiatric Residency Program at Interfaith Medical Center consists of a 24-month and a 36-month Podiatric Medicine and Surgery (PM&S-36) approved program, which accepts one resident per program each year. The Interfaith Podiatric Residency Program is currently working towards becoming one single 36-month program with two available positions. At Interfaith Medical Center, residents’ practice alongside dedicated podiatric physicians. Our podiatric residency directors are greatly experienced in forefoot and rear foot surgery, wound care, reconstructive foot surgery, and traumatology.

Experience is gained through time spent in clinical facilities. Wound Care Clinic, as well as Podiatry clinic, is predominantly managed by the residents with support by an attending staff. Time spent in a clinical atmosphere allows residents to work up the surgical patient, decide on the most appropriate procedure, and manage the patient post-operatively. All the major fundamentals of the field of Podiatry are encountered.

Currently the Wound Clinic is open two days per week. Emphasis is placed on conservative management as well surgical management of Diabetic Foot wounds; however, all types of wounds are encountered. A large variety of products, dressings, resources, and modes of treatment are available for wound care patients.

Podiatric residents at Interfaith Medical Center will experience a high surgical case load with strong exposure in orthopedics and wound care. Residents are involved with a high number of rear foot surgery cases and have a very fair call schedule.

Upon completion of the three years of training, residents, should exhibit the knowledge and psychomotor skill concerning foot and ankle surgery equal to an orthopedic surgeon fellowship trained in foot and ankle surgery.

A significant component of the residency training process is composed of Emergency Department as well as Hospital Inpatient Consultations. When “on-call,” the resident is responsible for any and all foot and ankle consultations, which may include complex trauma situations, emergent diabetic foot evaluations, as well as routine palliation for a variety of inpatient care needs.

Populations served include poor, unemployed, inner city population, or otherwise disadvantaged individuals, the elderly, and high-risk diabetic patients. It is this type of demographic which allows residents the utmost exposure and fundamentals to develop an invaluable experience.

PM&S-36: $51,951/ $58,262/ $62,530

For externship program and general information please contact:

Dr. O. Falcone, Program Director

Gail Dunbar, Administrative Assistant

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25%-35% of Interfaith Medical Center's Medical Residency graduates go on to Fellowship programs.

Our current RRC/ACGME rating for our Internal Medicine Residency Program is the highest-- Continuing Full Accreditation.

Interviews for our Medical Residency Programs start in September and continue through the fall and winter.

Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Interns are based at Interfaith Medical Center's highly- regarded Center for Mental Health.

Our Psychology Externship allows third year predoctoral psychology students optimal experience in a variety of treatment modalities.

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