Training Programs

Interfaith Medical Centerís Training Programs date back nearly 70 years to those of a predecessor institution, The Jewish Hospital and Medical Center of Brooklyn, commonly known as Brooklyn Jewish Hospital. Today, Interfaith Medical Centerís training programs continue the proud and successful tradition of providing practical, hands-on health care experience and education for its residents and Fellows and continuing education for substance abuse counselors and physicians.

Interfaith Medical Centerís Training Programs include:

  • Medical Training Programs
  • Behavioral Health Training Programs
  • Predoctoral Externship in Clinical Psychology
  • Predoctoral Clinical Internship In Psychology 2012-2013
  • Podiatric Residency Program
  • Dental Residency
  • Fellowship in Pulmonary Medicine
  • Medical Training Programs

    Interfaith Medical Center Medical Training Programs consist of :

    • Medical Training Programs
      • Residency Programs in:
        • Dentistry
        • Internal Medicine
        • Podiatry
        • Ophthalmology
      • Fellowship Program in Pulmonary Medicine
      • Fellowship Program Affiliated with Kings County Hospital Center and Downstate Medical Center in Cardiology

    Information for Medical Residency Applicants

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    25%-35% of Interfaith Medical Center's Medical Residency graduates go on to Fellowship programs.

    Our current RRC/ACGME rating for our Internal Medicine Residency Program is the highest-- Continuing Full Accreditation.

    Interviews for our Medical Residency Programs start in September and continue through the fall and winter.

    Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Interns are based at Interfaith Medical Center's highly- regarded Center for Mental Health.

    Our Psychology Externship allows third year predoctoral psychology students optimal experience in a variety of treatment modalities.

    The Podiatric Residency Program consists of a 24-month and a 36-month Podiatric Medicine and Surgery (PM&S-36) approved program.

    The Dental Residency Program consists of opportunities in both General and Pediatric Dentistry

    Our Fellowship Program in Pulmonary Medicine consists of a 24-month ACGME approved curriculum.


    Behavioral Health Training Programs

    Interfaith Medical Center's Behavioral Health Training Programs consist of:

  • Predoctoral Clinical Internship in Psychology
  • Predoctoral Psychology Externship
  • Bimonthly "Grand Rounds" Continuing Education Program
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    Predoctoral Externship in Clinical Psychology

    The Psychology Externship training consists of a 20 hour per week commitment for third year psychology students enrolled in an accredited predoctoral program. Our training begins in September, with the option of beginning in July, and runs through mid-June. Applications are accepted between January 15th and March 1st and offers are made as the interviewing proceeds (in accordance with NYS Training Directorsí guidelines). We generally accept three externs each year.

    The program is structured so that all externs have an optimal experience in a variety of treatment modalities across the age spectrum. During the year, externs spend 1.5 days per week on the outpatient Center for Mental Health where they follow a caseload that includes individuals, families and groups and also do psychodiagnostic testing. One-half day per week is spent on one of three rotations including an inpatient acute care psychiatric unit, the Continuing Day Treatment Program, and the third is split between the inpatient Detox program and the Partial Hospital Program. There are also several opportunities to go out with the Mobile Crisis Team. The additional half-day is devoted to didactics which are scheduled for Tuesday mornings, a requirement for all students. In addition, we require a two week commitment during the beginning of July for an intensive orientation. This is, however, not quite full time during that period.

    Supervision is intense and consists of a minimum of an hour per week individual face-to-face with a primary supervisor on the CMH, an hour per week of diagnostic supervision and additional supervision on each rotation site. Externs are considered a part of the trainee cohort and, with the interns, attend weekly didactic seminars, grand rounds and other in-service programs.

    The Department of Psychiatry is structured around multidisciplinary treatment teams composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psych rehab specialists, counselors, physicians and nurses. The treatment orientation is eclectic and is designed to meet the changing needs of the community and the population we serve.


    Applications will be read after January 15th and interviews will be scheduled after February 1st. Please send all of your materials to Dr. Janet S. Weisberg, Ph.D., Department of Psychiatry, Interfaith Medical Center, 1545 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11213. For further information contact

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    Psychology Internship Program

    Interfaith Medical Center, located in Brooklyn, New York, offers an APA accredited pre-doctoral psychology internship open to students in the substantive areas of clinical, school and counseling psychology. Although all interns essentially follow the same clinical track, opportunities are provided for school and counseling students to meet their specific training requirements. All interns work with children and adolescents as well as with adults and rotate through the inpatient, outpatient, substance abuse and mobile crisis units. Our commitment is to training clinicians to work within a multicultural context, in all areas of the clinical dimension, within an urban hospital setting.

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    Grand Rounds Program

    Twice a month, Interfaith Medical Center's Department of Behavioral Medicine offers free grand rounds presentations to its staff and other interested participants. These programs are in-depth hour and a half sessions on key topics involving various aspects of mental health, including substance abuse, and may focus on treatment techniques, the latest medications or theories of disease. We have a strong emphasis on working within a multicultural framework and offer programs designed to increase staff sensitivity to these issues. Presenters are often leaders in the mental health profession and may come from a variety of different institutions with differing approaches to mental health treatment. Each session is worth 1 Ĺ Continuing Education credits for physicians and for CASACs.

    The Schedule for the 2007 "Grand Rounds" Program is available for download.

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    One Day Comprehensive Seminar

    Each year Interfaith Medical Center offers a one day comprehensive seminar addressing one of the hottest topics in mental health treatment.

    This year's Interfaith Medical Center Department of Behavioral Health Seminar will be held on May 23rd, 2007 and will address secrets in families and family therapy. There is a fee and it includes lunch.

    Click Here for more information, or contact: Dr. J. Weisberg At (718) 613-4489.

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    Fellowship Program in Pulmonary Medicine

    Interfaith Medical Centerís Pulmonary Fellowship Program, a 24 month program approved by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), is designed to develop well-rounded pulmonologists with broad-based knowledge of Pulmonary Medicine able to interact effectively with their patients. Each Fellow becomes very familiar with the wide array of human pulmonary diseases in addition to the basic pathophysiology of the underlying diseases.

    The programís faculty, which includes 3 full time attending physicians, 1 part-time attending physician, and 1 voluntary attending physician, are highly qualified and board-certified in the field of Pulmonary Medicine and also have broad knowledge of Critical Care medicine.

    Experience is gained through the time spent in the hospital and in clinical facilities. The staff is responsible for the management of all Pulmonary Cases admitted to the Hospital and its 13 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as well as supervising a number of out-patient clinics. At these clinics, one weekly Asthma Clinic, 2 weekly Tuberculosis Clinics and one weekly outpatient Chest Clinic, the Pulmonary Attending Physicians and the Fellows get the opportunity to see the most challenging cases in Brooklyn. Our Fellows and Faculty members are also well trained in ventilator management because of the large exposure to ventilator patients in the ICU. Throughout their training, the Fellows experience a high case load with strong exposure to all pulmonary procedures.

    The Pulmonary Division at Interfaith Medical Center delivers high quality care to the community by continuously improving the health care delivery process and maintaining high standards for training and certifying pulmonologists who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for the provision of excellent care.

    The Program has a total of 4 Fellows and accepts 2 new Fellows each year.

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    Dental Residency Program

    • General Dentistry

      Interfaith Medical Centerís Department of Dentistry, is located at 1536 Bedford Avenue in the heart of Central Brooklyn in an ambulatory care setting. The Dental Clinic is brand new with state-of-the-art equipment in seven treatment operatories including a fully equipped surgical suite with a recovery room.

      The Department of Dentistry offers a fully accredited, comprehensive General Practice Residency Program. The residency program trains graduate dentists to provide comprehensive primary dental care to all patients. Experience is obtained across the entire spectrum of dentistry including fixed and removable prosthetics, restorative and esthetic dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, endodontics and oral medicine. Residents will also acquire competency in the assessment and treatment of dental and facial trauma, dental emergencies, physical diagnosis, and the treatment of office emergencies. Because Interfaith Medical Center serves a diverse patient population, Dentistry Residents will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of cases including geriatric patients. In addition, Residents will learn practice management and participate in community service through Interfaith Medical Centerís Health Fairs and special school programs.

      Five positions are available for one year of post-graduate education and inpatient care.

    • Pediatric Dental Program

      Interfaith Medical Centerís Department of Dentistry, is located at 1536 Bedford Avenue in the heart of Central Brooklyn in an ambulatory care setting. The Dental Clinic is brand new with state-of-the-art equipment in seven treatment operatories including a fully equipped surgical suite with a recovery room.

      Pediatric Dentistry Residents are trained to provide services in institutional, private or public health settings. The residency program, based on the goals and standards set forth by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, prepares residents both didactically and clinically for certification by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. The program stresses preventive health care and child/parent education. In addition, Pediatric Dental Residents are trained in the assessment and treatment of dental and facial trauma, dental emergencies, physical diagnosis and the treatment of office emergencies.

      Two positions are available each year; there are a total of four Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry Residents at Interfaith Medical Center.

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