Main Facility: 718.613.4000


The Department of Pediatrics provides comprehensive quality care to Children from New Born to 18 yrs. of age. The primary care Pediatricians provide Growth and Development assessments, immunizations as recommended by the AAP, AAFP, and Advisory Committee Immunizations, anticipatory guidance including Lead Poisoning in children and ROR Program. The primary care pediatricians also provide nutritional advice. The continuum care is provided from ER, inpatient and follow up care in Ambulatory area. While all primary care services are vital to the communities Interfaith Medical Center serves, its Sickle Cell program, Pediatric Cardiology and Neurology program are sub specialty services provided.

The Sickle Cell Program is recognized as an important referral center for screening, testing, counseling, treating and preventing complications. The Sickle Cell Program is a seamless program from Birth to seniors, a unique only program in this neighborhood.