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Duty Hours

  • Duty hours are defined as all clinical and academic activities related to the residency program; i.e., patient care (both inpatient and outpatient), administrative duties relative to patient care, the provision for transfer of patient care; time spent in the house during call activities, and scheduled activities such as conference. 
  • Duty hours are limited to 80 hours per week, averaged over a four week period, inclusive of all in house call activities.
  • Residents are provided with 1 day in 7 free from educational and clinical responsibilities, averaged over a 4 week period, inclusive of call. One day is defined as 1 continuous 25 hour free from all clinical, educational and administrative duties.
  • Duty periods of PGY 1 residents must not exceed 16 hours in duration. 
  • Duty periods of PGY-2 residents and above may be scheduled to a maximum of 24hrs of continuous duty in the hospital. 
  • Adequate time for rest and personal activities is provided. This consists of a 10 hour time period between all daily duty periods and after in house call. 
  • Residents are scheduled for in house call no more frequently than every third night. 
  • Residents rotating in medical units (Neurology and Internal Medicine), participate in short and long calls not exceeding 16 consecutive hours. 
  • Moonlighting is not permitted.